A wouldn't you describes anything that is good . Particularly attractive womenfolk
(Women walks past ).

The chin : Wouldn't you

Brinsley : ahhhh bully ehhh
by yoshman December 23, 2015
A response when someone uses the insult "Suck my dick, my balls etc."
person 1: I hate singing!
person 2: Cause you can't sing.
person 1: Suck my dick.
person 2: You'd like that, wouldn't you?
by elmacko April 11, 2011
If someone says fuck you say "Oh you'd like that wouldn't you". Then the person will regret it and you would've made them embarrassed and then you have won life.
Hey you wanna here a pussy joke?


Nvm you wouldn't get it

Fuck You

Oh you'd like that wouldn't you?

by JAG SOPPAR November 12, 2021
refers to the story told by Jim Cornette when a local wrestling promoter , faced with declining attendance , rigged a lottery to give a way a pony so his son won it , so we did not lose money on the deal . As a result anything is is obviously rigged is referred to as wouldn't you know who won the pony .
by BellasaurusTheJust July 21, 2019
Implies that the previously stated is rigged; local wrestling promoter, as told by Jim Cornette, gave away a pony to increase ticket sales and, to avoid losing money, rigged the raffle to ensure his son would win the pony
Of course, that asshole was late again!
Oh, wouldn't you know who won the pony!
by Jack_Bongos January 15, 2020
A phrase used when someone says that they will do something and chicken out at the last second
guy 1:im gonna jump
guy 2:do it already
guy 1:i cant do it
guy 2:yeah you wouldn't
by liquid enigma January 28, 2012
You probably wouldn't get it
Her: why do you always say, you wouldn't get it
Me: you wouldn't get it
Her: why do you keep saying that? Where's it from?
Me: you wouldn't get it
by You wouldn't get it November 5, 2019