is an extension of it's true meaning. someone who polices the halls and rats on fellow peers for petty power, self esteem and approval from elders. someone who gets off or generally thinks they are in charge by randomly busting you. self appointed judges of anything.
by coldchicken23 November 2, 2003
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An adult employed by high schools to watch over hallways for bad behavior. The final evolutionary stage of the kid that would always remind the teacher to check the class's homework, hall monitors are usually losers and busybody Karens who feel important because of their petty position of authority that allows them to flex on kids. They suffer from a small man syndrome and are constantly on a mission to bust youngsters for the pettiest of infractions, such as vaping in the bathrooms, loitering after lunch breaks, wearing subjectively inappropriate attire and walking any faster than a slow strolling pace in the hallways.

Hall monitors are peculiarly nosy, prying, arrogant and self-entitled people who feel better about themselves for picking on kids who are more than half their age younger, being extremely proficient snitches. They will normally be in the employ of a high school well into their 60s as they have no desire or ambition to do anything better with their lives and are content with living out the rest of their existence in abject mediocrity.
-Hey man, want to go and smoke a bowl after school?
-I can't, one of the hall monitors wrote me up for Juuling in the bathroom and I've got 10 days of in-school suspension. Don't these people have anything better to do?
by BiggerGorilla125 February 16, 2021
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Having sex in or around school grounds.
John:I totally fucked this chick in the science lab!
Joey:Oh so you were a hall monitor.
by michael smego January 18, 2008
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Someone who watches the halls at all times at your school. They will give you looks. They will break your bones
Person 1 oh no its the HALL MONITOR
person 2 get over it shes nice
Person 1 havent you heard she broke someones arm
by Tjfcm1781o January 17, 2020
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The lovable guy in the office whose lack of diligence is overlooked because he's so darn nice
When it comes to anything outside the realm of television, sports, or pop culture, Hall Monitors are boderline retarded, but they're so agreeable and good-natured that they appeal to everyone nonetheless.
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The fucking asshole who camps in the left lane on the highway going under the speed limit and refuses to move. They think they are cops but are in reality just regular retards driving regular cars trying to fuck up the flow of traffic, cause accidents/pileups, and ruin every other drivers commute home. They especially love to come out when you are late getting somewhere like a doctors appointment or a court appearance for jury duty.
Oh cmon another fucking hall monitor in the left lane, GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY YOU SWALLOWED CUM DUMPSTER
by Ayeskipp July 12, 2023
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