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The most common phrase in the Australian vocabulary. May be used adequately in situations ranging from benign endings to conversations to matters of earth shattering importance.
1. "See ya later mate" - "No worries"
2. "Bob, your girlfreind is about to have the baby of a mutated albino dwarf conceived in Antartica while identifying the mating habits of plankton of varying sizes" ..... "No worries"
3. "Dave just cut his thumb off using the oxy" - "No worries - is he still coming up the pub later?"
by Genghis March 09, 2005

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The only motorcycle that requires a support vehicle on ride days due to unreliability. Overglorified and overly expensive, the riders IQ is often matched by the month of registration.
Why is it that you see more harley's on the side of the road than on it?
by Genghis August 01, 2004

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Any person who drives a white car of the same make and model as the local law enforcement, thereby causing fellow motorist to hit their brakes before they realize its just another civiilan
I was doing 90 down the freeway and had to hit my brakes becasue I ran up on a cop, then I realized it was just a copposter.
by Genghis April 25, 2003

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