An enormous black hole of time, money, and effort that sucks in everytyhing it can,
but at the center of that black hole there's a giant rave party that everyone wants to go to.
-You know, I'd totally play World of Warcraft if it weren't so expensive.
-You wouldn't know til you've been there, you'll never leave.
by Nikandros, 76 Dwarf Hunter March 09, 2009
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That which will prevent you from ever having to bother having sex with a fellow human being ever again.
"Honey? When are you going to be done playing World of Warcraft?"

"I'll be off in a second, babe."

*Several hours pass*


"I'll just play for another hour, sweetie."

*Several days pass*

"Um, Alex?"

"I'm getting right off, I swear."

*Several months pass. Guy finally gets off computer.*

"Okay, baby, what was it?"

*Girl's stuff is all gone. Crickets chirp in the distance.*
by Arcane Rose January 23, 2008
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An entertaining online computer game, acting as a substitute for life for some players.
Normal Warcraft Player: You're on 24/7. You live and breathe through your character. You know more about this game than most GM's. Do you have a life?

Addicted Player: Yeah. World of Warcraft IS my life.

Normal Player: Then how do you pay for it?

Addicted Player: I have a job. I sell gold.
by Normal Warcraft Player May 10, 2006
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A computer game with over 9 million players world wide. It's just a fuckin game and anyone who calls WoW players nerds is a wanker.

Some people get addicted, some don't.
You know you play World of Warcraft too much when you eat at the same time as your character
by mr.twister January 07, 2009
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The most addicting game ever created. 9 million active people is Blizzards currently standing achievement. But the side effects include:
1. Loss of fun
2. Loss of "cool"
3. Loss of girlfriend
4. Loss of love
5. Loss of life
The commonly held comversation in a World of Warcraft playing household:

Woman: Come to bed honey, I'm feeling naughty
Man: Babe can you come on the computer, I need a healer for this raid
Woman: Didn't you hear me?
Man: If you heal us good I'll take you back to my custom love zone when were done
Woman: Ooh that sounds kinky
Man: It's inside orgrimmar, I got it near the kodohide leatherworks
Woman: What...?
Man: I'll undress you and plant kisses on your green leathery skin
Woman: Thats going too far..
Man: Then I'll play my flute of sorrows to make you horny
Woman: Were getting a divorce
Man: And finally I'll fuck you with my giant tauren cock until I moo in extasy
*Front door slamming*
by OwenD January 06, 2008
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A game that manages by some divine power to completely waste your life and lets you have fun while doing so.
"I'm $50,000 into debt because of all the gold I bought off of ige.com, and I have to pay child support for my wife who divorced me, but I'm happy, because I have a Level 50 Palladin and can gank all the noobs I want."
by placebo February 01, 2005
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