A man who pretends to be overencumbered by under 20 hours of work per week which results in being unable to participate in social nor household activitys. regularly used by people in their 20s toward their parents as an excuse to get out of household chores.
Ashley's Mother: "Why can't you help me clean the house Ashley?
Ashley: "Because I'm a working man!"
by TheIgLol June 20, 2023
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When u get home from work. And. Get a bj and nut on her face and as she walks to the bathroom to clean up she trips over ur boots and face plants the cum into the rug
My boy Justin. Gave that girl the working man last night said it was funny as hell till someone had to clean the rug
by Birch hood October 15, 2016
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A man who is unlikely to participate in any social activities due to being over encumbered by numerous bills and savings goals. Also known as somebody who is unable to sustain a relationship due to a lack of mental energy to tolerate the bickering and ungodly amount of attention called for by a significant other.

Likely to have few friends, if any. May experience mild to severe mood disorders over time if forced into a solitary living arrangement.

Many working men are caught up in the long working hours and stable income. Consequently, they often do very little to advance into a field that would improve their earning potential, especially if there is risk involved (low introductory pay rates, layoffs, returning to the bottom in seniority, etc.)
Joe's Friend's Girlfriend: "Wow, this apartment smells funny. Does Joe think that his dishes are going to do themselves?"

Joe's Friend: "Classic working man problems."
by societalmaggot November 24, 2014
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The Working Man: A person who is paid minimum wage for doing excess labor.

Or possibly the counterpart of a 'working girl', therefore a man-slut.

Or both.

The Working Man: "Kyle is a working man! Please do not talk to him! He is very busy!!! >:C"
by Mikeinel October 20, 2008
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Some one who doesn't take oppurtunities to get ahead; too honest The opposite of a hustler
A bus driver who works 9-5 5 days a week compared to a club promoter who runs the local gambling ring.

"The Working Man is a Sucka!"
by Crankshot7 June 6, 2007
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When you use the fact that your a working class man or woman to get access to something or avoid something used on other working class people.

For example telling a ticket guard that you need to get to work and cant afford a ticket

not always used to get to work
Look i know i didnt buy a ticket but i really need to get to work cant you just let this slide?

I pulled a working man on the construction man and he let me drive through the closed road

by horsebo February 21, 2009
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When you wear the same pair of shoes to work everyday and after a period of time the shoes start to curl starting from the toe. Only men who work hard will obtain the working man curl.
Damn son those must be your work boots cuz they got the working man curl.
by goldilocks1026 December 13, 2010
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