its a word that is use to call somebody out its saying your weak ass fuck, scary, a punk, a straight bitch.
by G December 7, 2003
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Old school term for a chump who is easy to scam or assault verbally and/or physically; normally used to remind an adversary that they, well, suck. Suckas are known to start some mess they cain't finish and can be seen throwing rocks from their glass houses.
Man, you you betta clear on out before I turn my dogs out on you, sucka.
by Sky Monster September 25, 2006
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sucka (noun) A Russian word which is pronounced suka, means a bitch.

sucka (noun) A Polish word which is pronounced suka, means a bitch or a female dog.
That sucka cut me off in traffic and almost caused an accident.

I took my sucka to the vet to have her spayed so she wouldn’t have any puppies.
by jErnestoF November 26, 2020
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A sucka is the lowest of the lower. Even people who murder babies have the right to declare someone a sucka, if said person fits said description. A sucka is worse than the mentally handicapped monkey who rolls around in his shit. A man who lets his dog crap on someones lawn and doesnt pick up the crap is a douche, but not a sucka.
Yo man, you just failed.. You're such a sucka!!
by HelloMyNameIsFred September 10, 2011
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easily entertaining, baffling and is usually a douchebag: stupid
When a guy spends too much money on a girl, usually not asked for.

Those guys were straight up suckas!!
by Ms. B Have August 18, 2010
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Poker player who never pays attention, relies on the dealer to remind him that its his turn to act, pretends to not now everyone is waiting for him to act, and continuously stalls out the game with a dismissive attitude.
"Go sucka, we ain't got all nite for you to call!"
by Don Key IIII September 21, 2019
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One who has taken all the nice words/nice things a significant other has said or done, and as a result, has developed feelings for that significant other.
Falling is for SUCKAS!

Girl #2: He's just the greatest guy ever! He took me out to dinner and told me how cute he thinks I am. I think I'm in love!
Girl #2: Ugh you're such a sucka...
by Spartaniaaaa August 24, 2009
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