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(Porn industry slang) A man capable of achieving and maintaining an erection regardless of the situation, and without the aid of drugs (Viagra) or a fluffer .
Ron is a well known woodsman in the porn industry.
by Pete Reuter February 02, 2004
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A person who only smokes backwoods.
"Is that a backwood?"
"I'm the Woodsman, what did you expect?"
by DemetusLong December 14, 2017
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Someone possessing numerous strong qualities in parallel with nature. This makes them extremely attractive yet, one is unable to ruin the untouched natured of the person through dating, relationships ect.
James is such a woodsman, he can fend off a bear while knitting a pair of socks from organic wool and whittling a heart from a stump.
by LilyRainFlower February 17, 2011
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