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when you give someone a swirley in a poo filled toliet
"I'm so mad at Roy for not plunging the toliet, I'm gona give him a sham-poo."
by 4 Points November 16, 2009
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when you fart under a blanket and then throw it on someone after letting it fester for a few minutes so the smell travels with the blanket
"That's my favorite blanket. Why the portable dutch oven?"
by 4 Points October 24, 2009
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pretty much the same as the eiffle tower but you pass a bowl of ravioli back and forth over the girl like she is the table
"that was the best ravioli tower i've ever had"

"you're the ravioli girl"

"damn, a ravioli tower have never tasted better"
by 4 Points October 15, 2009
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the result of not washing your penis after unpretected vaginal sex
"i know i got laid last night cause the penis-crust no lie"
by 4 Points October 15, 2009
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when you take a dump and when you go to wipe there is nothing to wipe, your ass is clean
"I eat tacos all and i still had a perfect poo"

"Your the lucky one when you have a perfect poo"
by 4 Points October 18, 2009
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the act of throwing a disc while playing disc golf
"I lost my disc while hucking today"

"Did you see those bitches hucking. I sure woulda tossed her plastic"

"Man, i got so high on hole 9 while hucking"
by 4 Points October 11, 2009
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"fucking clamato'

"that clamato with the spikey hair robbed me"
by 4 Points October 18, 2009
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