A type of behavior that comes off as crazy or weird.
I was walking on Franklin Ave right and I seen Ricky , that nigga was movin' wild wocky bro no chuck.
by Cian E. November 2, 2016
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a New York City slang . meaning ur weird

or on some shit .
oh u movin mad wock or wocky rn “
by - a Brooklyn bitch November 26, 2020
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any edible substance. typically a food or dish found in a market grocery store, bodega, etc.
"man dis pack dirty as hell, got me cravin wocky."
"yo bitch we hungry, go whip up some fucking wocky!"
"mom i asked for dino nuggets, get the right fucking wocky or i will
turn this bitch into 1945."
by myoyj December 17, 2020
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Something that is going to be lit, popping, fun time or event.
Man, this weekend is looking wocky!
by chasebands March 27, 2015
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Wocky is short for Wockhardt, one of the pharmaceutical companies that makes cough syrup containing promethazine with codeine.
One up top ahky, somethin' stocky in the choppy
Fat wally for bradaski, off a Oxy, bet he mop 'em
Pour a four of Wocky, vision cloudy, sleep walkin'

by Aceblackheart August 30, 2021
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Wocky Wocky is a synonym for sex. It's a childish- and innocent-sounding word, yet it can come off as setting the mood or fancy
Her: Can you hit the switch before I take off my bra?
Him: Come on, you always want Wocky Wocky with the lights off!
by OG Gangster GmbH May 3, 2023
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