To trip someone up by putting your foot in front of their's while they walk past.
I like to sit in the aisle seat of planes so I can whip up people on the way to the bathroom.

Mrs. Turner gave me a bad mark for my work so I whipped her up on the way out of class.
by Dan Wrong March 14, 2008
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when one gets a car.
my brother just got a whipped up fool, he has a new benz.
by chris denesha June 22, 2007
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To get really excited; to work oneself into a frenzy. To get worked up.
"Oh my god. She was like, totally whipped up about that guy."
by Bethh13a June 2, 2006
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A popular phase from big bird from Sesame Street. Used to suggest a bunch of staff starting a slandering
by BigBird63828 June 30, 2023
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In the 80s, used by teens to mean cook some food for me.
Me: I'm starving. Why don't you go whip up a pot of Ragu.
Friend: Whatcha hungry for? Mac and cheese?
by Diamond in the Ruff. January 6, 2012
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Received a blow job
Guy #1: Really? Right there in the restaurant parking lot?
Guy #2: Yep, I guess she was still hungry so I whipped up a protein shake.
by TheBigHouse February 19, 2012
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