Someone who is kind, sweet, caring, a lover of animals. He can be your best friend or your worst enemy you decide. He always will stick up for those he cares about and will defend the one he loves till the end. He has an extremely large vocabulary and is very intelligent. His sense of humor is astounding as well, he can make anyone laugh. He is utterly hot and sexy and has a huge carrot. He can cook almost anything, Hes the most faithful guy you will ever meet. He skates and draws like no other, He is the most unique guy you will ever have in your life. He can be sensitive at times but is always back to himself pretty quick. He is kawaii in the streets and senpai in the sheets.
Person 1: so i heard you're dating a tyshawn.
person 2: yeah he's so amazing.
person 1: you're so lucky, i wish i had a tyshawn.
by Master-Hyde July 19, 2014
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Amanda forever nigga, Amanda's homie, love friend.
Bitches be trying it Tyshawn Amanda homie, lover ,friend he cant deny it they thugging to the end
by Homie Lover Friend March 25, 2017
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A terrible person to smoke with. THAT guy who doesn't pay for weed but gets mad when you don't pass him the J.

Warning: Will get passive-aggressive if things are not done his way. Will also start drama when he realizes no one is paying attention to him. Takes offense to everything, even when not about him.
Person A, "Why is that guy standing over there creeping and acting so aggressive?"
Person B, "Oh he's just being a Tyshawn because we didn't smoke him out."
by boggart_in_the_closet May 04, 2018
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TyShawn is amazing. He is a very handsome guy who loves his girl more.
TyShawn loves Katelyn WAY more than she loves him.
by TyShawnGray July 03, 2018
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Is a cheater , lies to many girls. Is good at telling people what they want to hear . Nobody knows what he looks like . Very quite .
by Eric Corley January 11, 2014
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Th coolest dude you will ever meet
Emma:wanna go to the movies.
Tyshawn:Yes sure what time
by Strangerthings2003 November 29, 2021
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