A violent group attack on an unpopular GI. Usually done in the middle of the night, in a barracks situation, the victim’s head and body is covered with a blanket (preventing him/her from fighting back or identifying assaillants). Occassionally these attacks are used to bring a barracks bully into line but unfortunately hundreds of attacks per year are aimed at suspected gays. This type of hazing is tolerated by noncommissioned officiers who see it as a means of "self policing" among privates and trainees.
Smith over there has been a real fuck-up and kept us from getting a pass into town last night. Let's throw him a blanket party tonight.
by Bill Peters October 6, 2006
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The act of trapping a person underneath a blanket and physically assaulting them. The blanket is used as: 1) a deterrent for the assaulted person to fight back; and 2) a way of keeping the assailants anonymous.
We're going to give that annoying bastard a blanket party tonight.
by UrbanWebster February 15, 2004
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a group of guys (usually) gets together and attacks another guy by throwing a blanket over his head and beating him, usually with a baseball bat
person 1: Joe is such an asshole! We should throw him a blanket party!
by Welcometothezoo September 3, 2012
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The process of giving someone a beating who clearly deserves it by wrapping them forcibly in a blanket, carrying them outdoors and hitting them with clubs made from heavy objects in socks.
by ass butt August 28, 2003
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When a group of male, prepubescent teens gather in a room, each with individual blankets draped over their laps whilst watching pornography. What happens under each child's blanket goes unspoken.
damn... my son and all his weird friends really love to jack off together. must be some sort of blanket party.
by butt hash hero August 26, 2013
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Usually a reaction to a long-term annoyance brought about by one person, a blanket party is where an unsuspecting person (individuals only, not on groups) is taken by surprise when a blanket is thrown over them and they are wrestled to the ground, then beaten with blunt objects by other members of the group.
After the first blanket party, they usually get the message.
by Kung-Fu Jesus July 21, 2004
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When a group of people gang up on someone, throw a blanket over then and beat them with various objects until person looks hurt. (hard to tell b/c of blanket)
"when that ass hole gets out of jail i'm throwing him a blanket party!!!"
by Breelin March 24, 2006
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