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Allusion to the movie "Austin Powers," where very stereotypically beautiful women were actually robots designed to entrap the main character with their physical appeal and then kill him. Used to describe women, particularly in media, who fit beauty standards to an unrealistic degree and are presented as objects of sexual desire, yet bear the accompanying "bubbleheaded blonde" stereotype of low intelligence.
I'm so sick of seeing all these beer commercials overrun with fembots. Do people actually find that attractive?
by house9 July 6, 2004
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Tending to "shoot off at the mouth"; opinionated, ready with a defiant verbal response. See fresh, definition #3.
I swear, that's the mouthiest kid I've ever seen - he talks back to everybody!
by house9 October 3, 2004
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Silly in a manic sort of way, as in the frame of mind induced by too little sleep and too much caffeine.
I was so punchy after my all-nighter that I walked up to my boss and tweaked her nose, just because I felt like it.
by house9 June 24, 2004
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Short for wiped out; really exhausted, to the point of not being able to move or function.
I spent too long at that party last night - man, am I wiped.
by house9 December 13, 2004
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