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The study of fungi. Diverted from the greek word for fungus, mykes.
Pat: What are you going to study at colledge?
Sam: Mycology.
Pat: What's that?
Sam: Something about mushrooms, I'm gonna try jack some shrooms.
by benormous April 25, 2006
The main stream, the current fads and all the other stuff everyone seems to be doing. Nothing is wrong with being in the flow, out being out of the flow.
by benormous April 17, 2006
Double titty twister. Preformed on an unsuspecting victim by either leading into by questioning, or by complete surprise attack. Once preformed, prepare for your victims relflexes to kick in, you might get caught in their rage.

***Warning: If preformed several times you might find yourself with few friends.
Jerry: So, Brittany, do you know what jumper cables are?
Brittany: Uhh... no... why?
Jerry: Oh! Well nevermi.... JUMPER CABLES!!!
*Jumper cables are preformed*
Brittany: Fuck you Jerry! You just lost a friend!
by benormous April 25, 2006
A hilarious movie featuring Steve Carell as the main character, Andy Stitzer, who is being harassed to get laid.
Eric: Hey man, remember in the 40-year-old virgin when Dave said, "Do you know how I know you're gay?..."
Tom: 'Cause you saw Rent three times.
by benormous April 17, 2006
Venice Beach, CA.
The ghetto by the sea.
Place where new-aged skateboarding began.
Tom: Where you heading for the summer break?
Dave: Venice Beach.
Tom: Oh, you mean Dog Town.
by benormous April 24, 2006
Alex: Dude, I'm having a house party this Saturday.
Brendan: Again, this has got to be your 5th party this year.
Alex: I know, it's cause my parents go out of town so much.
Brendan: Awesome, I wish I had a setup like that.
by benormous April 23, 2006
An item used by stoners. Consists of a sheet of Bounce Dryer Sheets, an empty toilet paper roll and an elastic to hold it all together. The objet is to blow your smoke into the toilet paper roll which filters through the Bounce Dryer Sheets. It keeps the air smelling fresh.
Stoner 1: Are you sure your parents won't notice the smell, their only down the hall?
Stoner 2: Relax, I got a bounce blower.
by benormous February 22, 2006