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Double titty twister. Preformed on an unsuspecting victim by either leading into by questioning, or by complete surprise attack. Once preformed, prepare for your victims relflexes to kick in, you might get caught in their rage.

***Warning: If preformed several times you might find yourself with few friends.
Jerry: So, Brittany, do you know what jumper cables are?
Brittany: Uhh... no... why?
Jerry: Oh! Well nevermi.... JUMPER CABLES!!!
*Jumper cables are preformed*
Brittany: Fuck you Jerry! You just lost a friend!
by benormous April 24, 2006
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Term used to describe a flat chested woman, based on the fact that the state, Kansas, is flat.
by benormous April 17, 2006
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Wrestling alter ego of Bubbles from the show Trailer Park Boys.
Julien: Bubs, we're making you a wrestling ring.
Bubbles: Fuck ya boys, I better go and get my Green Bastard costume!
by benormous April 17, 2006
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Abbreviation for Grow Opperation.

A grow-op is an area used to grow several marijuana plants.
Apparently, Durham is a great place to grow pot. Get your hydroponics, it's time to start a grow-op!
by benormous April 06, 2006
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In celebration, when one person goes for a high five and another goes to pound it (fist to fist). A slight moment of confusion occurs, normally resolved in two to 20 seconds.
When Fred and Steve went to congratulate each other for scoring with two hotties, a hand hold up occurred.
by benormous February 22, 2006
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Horrible disease. Forces those who suffer from it to avoid sunlight, as it is harmful to their unpigmented skin.

If you suffer from gingervitus you may be known as a 'ginger kid'.

Symptoms include red hair, light skin and freckles.

Some people have red hair but not light skin and freckles, those people are called daywalkers.

To learn more on the subject watch the 'Ginger Kids' episode of South Park.
Trevor: Ha! Look a ginger kid!
Devan: That poor bastard has gingervitus.
by benormous May 04, 2006
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Expensive mp3 player designed by Apple.

Apple has conspired a master plan to ensure you pay the most possible for one of these nifty music boxes. But their plan doesn't stop at just at the main product, it goes on to all the carrying cases, the iPod docking stations, the FM radio attachments and the horrible program, iTunes.
Stan: Hey man, can i see your iPod?
Joe: Dude, with all the money I put into this thing I'm not letting anyone touch it, not even me. It's locked in a safe in my basement with all its assesories I bought for it.
by benormous April 16, 2006
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