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I slept through the lecture so when the quiz came, I had to wing it.
by R. Allemann November 02, 2003
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To do something and hope the shit doesn't hit the fan.
My hair is greasy, but I have to go to Kerry's house in half an hour so I decided to just wing it and wear a hat.
by FaTbee July 17, 2005
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Is when you have to preform some required task, but you have not prepared or practiced for the required action.
Example getting up to do a university presentation without having any notes or visual aids.

Wow man you did a great preso.
Thanks i Wingit every time.
by *Mad-Maco* August 10, 2009
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To have no skill or natural abillity in the task you are fixing to do but having the abillit to make everyone around you think that you do also when giving speaches that you just made up
I had know clue how to take apart a car but i just winged it and all the guys in the shop figured i did ok.
When i was elected president my speach was pure bullshit i winged it all the way
by Travis June 04, 2005
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