To have no skill or natural ability in the task you are fixing to do but having the ability to make everyone around you think that you do also when giving speeches that you just made up
I had no idea what I wrote last night but I got an A. I must've winged it.

Forgot about that assignment. Oh well, I'll just wing it.
by xx.damask May 26, 2014
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When someone takes something too seriously when it’s not that serious.
Person 1: “Did you eat the last wing in the box?”

Person 2: “Yeah I did, I was gonna throw the box away and didn’t want to waste it.”

Person 1: “Really, that was my wing! I was gonna eat it. What if I was starving?”

Person 2: “Bro. It’s just wings.”
by YaBoiWriter November 16, 2021
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