Arabic for "beautiful", can be used as a name although rare.
that's so 'jamil'.
by bluevalleyguy February 7, 2010
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He is handsome. Strong and athletic. Can get 10 girls in less than a minute. He has a big dick. He eats so much but never gets fat. He always has a good body.
Wow who is that why is so good at sports oh that’s jamil

Man why is he so handsome oh yeah that jamil
by DaBaby66 May 1, 2020
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A very handsome fella with a sexy ass beard and chest. He is NOT fat nor will be fat in the future no matter how much he eats but makes his girlfriend fat.
Eats a bunch a food but still hungry and neither gains any weight

"You have a jamil appetite"
by Hawkeye69 May 7, 2018
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The pengest child and gets lots of girls and everyone wants to be like him because he is very cool
I wish I was Jamil because he is very peng
by Jamiltheboss December 14, 2018
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when repeatedly fucking mothers of which he does not know. intelligent and very muscular. all the chicks dig him. and if messed with, he will strike back by saying that he will rap his limp penis around your neck exactly 17 times. Is mostly found in Canada fuarking amazing personality.
girl:omg thanks for last night.
Guy:thanks to the book about Jamil
by SMFleon December 6, 2013
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