Anyone who is in the water in a known surf spot, who is not surfing. Rather they may be standing, splashing, wrestling, throwing a football, being pale white, wearing a t-shirt, floating, oblivious to the vessel headed towards them, in the way.
In the summer time tourist season you might say: "F#@kin bouys, messin up my wave, looking scared shitless when we lock eyes right before I interupt there splish splash session. Yet, they still don't leave".
by ShrimpShrimpShrimp November 21, 2010
A sex change for a fat lass
How does a fat lass get a sex change? Chuck her in a pool and she becomes a bouy!
by Juan Hunglow April 12, 2010
For someone to experience one of the below, it can be said they have been "bouyed".

1. Rejection (asking someone out/being asked out etc)
2. To get "gunned" or "dissed"/ For you to "gun" or "diss" someone
3. To recieve a "blanking" or to be ignored/ to blank someone.
"y0 blud you got bouyed by that buff gal"
"How could they bouy me like that"
"Nah blad merk that eeddyat, how could he bouy you so hard?"
by Osman May 11, 2004
An undersized man looking much like a child from distance but much like an over aged warped troll up close.
"did you see that Sgt Bouy lookin bitch? Post-op or pre-op I'd hit it! Reminds me of a My Little Pony Doll."
by Buchholz February 25, 2009
When a shit a mess of floating turds.
I just dropped a shit load of brown bouys in there and didn’t flush.
by Eaton Holgoode February 16, 2018
the up and down bobbing motion of doing the nasty in a pool, hot tub, or other large body of water
"Last thing I remember we were playing pool at Big 'Uns and then we ended up nekid in the pool floating around like a sex bouy"
by Lolo fo sho August 14, 2009
Old man balls. (Long balls) When sitting down on the toilet to take a shit, one must keep his toilet bouys above the water level.
This morning I sat down for my morning shit and forgot to lift the ol' toilet bouys up!!!!
by Krypto-BL February 7, 2018