The most amazing woman you’ll ever meet in your life, shy and introverted when you first meet her, but wait until you make her feel comfortable cause her wild side will come out, she has one of the purests souls,great listener and gives the perfect advices but she most likely to not follow her own advices. Sexiest woman your eyes will ever see, and the best of all in the bed, it might not look like so but until you get the chance to experience that trust me you won’t regret it. Laughs a lot, it might get annoying sometimes, doesn’t like drama, but she stands for what she believes, if she wants something there’s no doubt she’ll get it. So kindhearted, you will regret losing her, so appreciate her weirdness
by Justreadit July 8, 2018
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A very shy quiet girl. But the most incredibly beautiful, sexiest, gorgeous of them all. She's takes things in at first and once you get to know her you can see she as quite a wild side to her. She's every guys dream.Many guys fall in love with her very quickly, she has an amazing smile , Everyone wants her but she could care less because she's focused on what she wants. She is the life of the party but can also be the one to cuddle with you on a Friday night and watch a movie if it will make you happy. She doesn't take crap from anyone and Giovanna's are the best in bed, the freak in the sheets. If you know a giovanna never let them go. They are the most incredible, sexiest humans on earth.
You fell for her smile that hard? She must be a giovanna.
by Blankthoughts March 24, 2015
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Is what the gods name the most beautiful angels. Simply beautiful inside and out. Has an amazing voice and in depth has the purest mind, heart and soul of all. Giovanna is a unique, sexy, sophisticated and elegant goddess. She is a little bit shy at first but when her shield is down and you get to know her well you will see that she is truly amazing. She knows how to party and can be very naughty at times. But Her attractive personality and figure will have you coming back for more. She is the smartest and sweetest person you will ever meet. You are lucky if you ever meet her.
"You are still together with Giovanna!? man there's no doubt you are the luckiest guy in the world!!"

"Angelina Jolie is such a Giovanna"

:Damn I wish I was A Giovanna"
by unknown_951 August 29, 2010
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What God names the most beautiful angels. Highly symmetrical face, beautiful eyes, and natural curves. Giovannas are smart, playful, and funny. Shy and closed off at first, some might be intimidated by her beauty. She can be difficult to please and won’t accept just anyone, though she can get anyone she wants. Might play it off as dumb, but Giovannas are very witty and can be nerdy at times. Never cross a Giovanna, because she is slow to forgive and forget. Always knows people’s true intentions. If you find a Giovanna, never let her go. They are beautifully rare and often go unappreciated.
If you don’t know Giovanna, you want to. If you do know Giovanna, you wonder how you ever lived before her.
by pseudo677 December 30, 2022
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Giovanna is the BEST "Disney" princess out there. Some of her traits include being: beautiful, smart, sweet, crazy, funny, adoring, likable, thick, smells like garlic, flowers and vanilla 90% of the time, she can paint, draw and make people laugh. If she was on a princess ranking list she would be number one, not even Aurora can compete with her. No princess can at that point, they all run away from the list. Did I mention she is Italian, zoo mama
Giovanna is my favorite Disney princess
She is the best princess

I wanna be Giovanna
by danglingearring October 14, 2021
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Most gracious of all feminine names

Every girl’s aspiration. Every woman’s envy

So divine is her beauty, just a glance makes a meatball fall apart

The purest soul in space and time

Her mind so electric it makes yours feel ecstatic

She’s a wonder beyond this world. A wonder of a woman.

My intentions were honest. Feelings for you rare and actions sincere

I was unsure of what you felt

Many days since you fled, I sent a token which you left unspoken

Were others right? Was I misled?

I said to myself; lets battle the age-old wounds instead

Face the dread and let the runaway kid move ahead

Then came the late night intrusion causin’ disruption

I was rushin’ for an embrace but clashin’ we be in place

Both jumpin’ to conclusions while others castin’ illusions

Only later did the haze lift, the gaze shift

More came into light in a strange yet natural sight..

Lyin’ and boastin’ aren’t my jam, I don’ even got dat big a ham

Cautioning to beware, when you had already left me unaware..

You know, I expressed my care and fought my share

After much wonder and ponder, I did wander

I stumbled my way that eve

Thinking of you as the clock ticked closer

Terrible, I feel for what you had to witness

You dismiss it with logic or maybe i’m just a comic?

I retorted in anger. That was small of me

Caught a glimpse of how it must’ve been for you

Chasin’ I be to tell you the truth..

I’d wrestle time to kiss you at midnight, hold you for a good night

I’m sorry for causing you pain.
Giovanna. She's the Queen of all Queens.
by P.S. Batman November 12, 2021
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Flirty and charming, she will always brighten your day, Giovanna is the best to date , she’s always loyal and will love u forever. Giovanna however like boys and girls . Giovanna is usually friends will people named Alexis, gabby, however some people she’d want to date are josh, Brianna, Austin and more. Giovanna is a freak in the sheets and will love you forever.
I love Giovanna”
by .Giovanna October 17, 2019
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