I am working on the Alabama case files right now, and will have them on your desk by 4pm, unless you call me into another meeting about the break room microwave again.
Will Advise.
by Disgruntled Co-Worker February 21, 2014
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An overly used verb used by douchey corporate types to sound more professional in emails and conference calls.
1. I have not yet received that report. Please advise.
2. I am looking into the matter. Will advise.
by Lopeytal March 4, 2009
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Adviser is a fat cunt, who should get heart disease caused by eating way to many takeaways.
This fat cunt creates a whole new YouTube era for minecraft as he is the fattest cunt to ever touch the pvp community (excluding Erouax)

Hope this pussy dies thx for reading!
"Mum whats for dinner"
"shut the fuck up Adviser you fat cunt"
by xdmeme October 14, 2017
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Getting savagely drunk.
I proceeded to get advised as soon as we entered the bar.
by DC March 15, 2005
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When something is not wise or prudent.
“I met this girl on the internet she said come chill around her way tonight.”
In the hood? No that’s ill advised Slim, ill advised”
by Nadidoug October 22, 2017
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Dear jim,

I have not yet received the Alabama case files I asked you to Send.

Please Advise.
by notGandalf February 12, 2013
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An extremely stuffy phrase used by business executives to close emails when they don't understand how to ask a real question. It basically means "Please use your imagination to figure out what the fuck I need to know to make a decision on this item without making me look like an idiot in front of all the people I CCed"

"Please Advise" is typically used in place of "Thanks" in formatting an email. It is very passive aggressive. Always assume that the user of the phrase "please advise" is a college graduate that follows the advice of his professors to a T... Even 15 years later..
Dear Luke,

I recently got a call from Alex in LA telling me that we're out of blinkity blank in California so the blippity blue isn't working. What-the-fuck what-the-fuck we're losing 15k a day what-the-fuck save me please.

Please Advise,
by ldemi April 11, 2011
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