A dog who somehow found fame through appearing in a Scottish Standard Grade exam paper.
Wilf doesn't like to share the tripe and turkey...
by klesk April 29, 2012
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"Wife I'd Like (to) Fuck"
A married women with no kids who you'd like to fuck.

"DAMN that's one hot piece of ass!" said Kohl

"Ya man, she's a WILF!" Reilly replied
by reiles January 03, 2009
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Wear 'em out Wilf an old Comic-book character (Whizzer) that used to destroy and break anything and everything he came into contact with

Used as a nickname for clumsy people
Wear 'em out Wilf/Wilfred/Wilfy

He's only gone and Wilfed his trousers again

How come he keeps smashing things? hes such a Wilf

Wilf is a walking disaster area
by Only1Wilf July 10, 2011
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Like (to)
Daaaaaaaaaaamn, she sure is a wilf!
by Wilf November 28, 2003
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