A movie with Ubher sex panthers Denise Richards and Neve Campbell which has a convulsive convoluted plot. Add Hottie Matt Dillon and babaliscoius Kevin Bacon{eyes open for the frontal nudity} Bill Murray set it all in some swamp and the definition of WILD THINGS gets even muddier
you should rent Wild Things you wont know how it ends till the very end and be sure to see the easter eggs..
by DaynaS March 31, 2008
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Going on an incredible night-time journey and beginning the morning far from where you began your night. You may or may not remember how you got where you are.
Did you hear Frank woke up in Vancouver this morning? Definitely a classic example of pulling a where the wild things are.

Haha yeah, he said he still doesn't know how he ended up there.
by nightravel November 17, 2009
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