Denise Richards is an uber easy bake oven (Please see Def. for 'Easy Bake Oven') She is always turned on and often has multiple orgasms.
That girl is such a "Denise Richards!" Ladies, keep your men close!

I wish I was Denise Richards, then I could sing like a fool and get away with it just like she did in the movie Drop Dead Gorgeous. (Which is a great film!)
by Darling Nicki July 6, 2006
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1. an actress who betrayed her suppossed best friend heather locklear by fucking her husband richie sambora IMMEDIATELY after they had split. Ms. Richards also sued her ex-husband, charlie sheen for looking at pornography and calling her a filthy slut, which, that she is. and this is simply because she has bad taste in men. case in point: richie sambora is a greasy old man who is about 10 years older than denise, with vicious man boobs. a down-grade.

2. the act of fucking your best friend's husband while stuck in the middle of a custody battle with your pornography-loving ex.
example A: Look at that bitch denise richards, thinking she has everyone fooled. She bitches and whines about her "awful" and "abusive" husband for public sympathy, then she goes and fucks another chick's man. Not so innocent now, is she?

example B: I just broke up with Jake 2 hours ago, and already my best friend Gina went after him. She pulled a denise richards.
by blah blah blahhhhhhhhh February 1, 2007
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