oh man you wigged me out
yah i deffinetely gave you the wiggens
by X-Tine March 12, 2005
to get shot in the head in a video game (cs). Sometimes referred to as dinked, gooshed, or headshotted.
O s*** son, you got wigged!
by Cole April 8, 2005
From the language of the fabled Cox's;
meaning drunk beyond belief; incoherant
Last night, I got wigged!
by James Malko July 22, 2004
couldn't handle it so they break down, let out
She wigged and told a couple of friends.
by pippa January 4, 2005
pronounced the same as wicked, except with a pair of "g"'s in the place of "ck"

Wigg - ed

Meaning: Very cool, sik, gnarly, top stuff
BJ: Yo will that drift u pulled was wigged
by Beej December 17, 2004
Ricky Dillon explained wig very well in response to a tweet. In his reply on March 10th 2018, he said "Its basically like you're shook. Like something exciting or crazy just happened that made you so shocked that your wig flew off so in short: wig! but if you wanna spice things up you can add an action after that's a synonym for flew or gone. For example: Wig incinerated."
1: I got free tickets to Katy Perry's show!
2: No way omg WIG!

1. Guess who just followed me?
2: Who?!
1: The amazing Ricky Dillon!
by Stan Twitter Fan March 13, 2018
An evolutionized word, starting from “weave snatched”, to “wig snatched”, to “wig flew”, and now just to “wig”, because we are lazy. It’s basically a term short for “wig flew”, “wig left”, “wig disintegrated”, “wig in orbit”, etc.
stan #1: she’s nominated for a grammy!!!

stan #2: omg wig
by buterabliss November 29, 2017