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couldn't handle it so they break down, let out
She wigged and told a couple of friends.
by pippa January 04, 2005

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creed rock! i only just into listening to creed and i dont think theyre a christian band. i didnt even know they wee thought of as being one until i read this! if u h8 creed so much then ure obviously a fukin townie and shud be sat on by old obese naked people till u die!
bi bi xx
squash the townies coz creed rock!
by pippa June 06, 2004

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(v.) -ing, -ed, etc. To shout down opposing views on blogs, or to be excessively vigilant in routing out potential trolls. From a dailykos.com diary entitled, "Shut Your Fucking Piehole" on the counterproductivity of discussing a favored candidate's mistakes.
We encourage honest intellectual debate, and try to refrain from engaging in flaming and pieholing.
by pippa September 29, 2004

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