The 69th day of the year. Celebrate by 69ing with that special someone.
The March 10th Rap:
...Yeah raise your beer for the 69th day of the year.
March 10th is the most important date so tell me baby how will you celebrate
hoe's bring your hair ties guys can't hold i when they're down by your thighs
Now let me break down the position for you
for all those kids who wanna try something new
don't worry about your guy smelling your but as you get a grand view of his left nut...
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Girls born on March 10th are that bitch don’t get on there bad side because they will make you wish you never did.when it comes down to boys in her life if your names start with a j,m,g or c then your very lucky cause no matter how much shit you put them through she will always be there for. People born on March 10th are family people they love there family and will do anything for them so if your are born on March 10th you are. beautiful caring smart and freaky
Where you born on March 10th


Omg I’m so happy to have you in my life
by Lover _bear27 March 3, 2020
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When you or someone you know is gone or going to be gone for a long amount of time.
Example 1:
Person 1: I'm about to be on March 10th.
Person2: When will you be back?
Person 3: I don't know, 3 weeks I hope.

Example 2: Man..., he's been on March 10th for almost a month now.
by Romitsu June 5, 2022
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National Mario day! No one shall work on this day.

SMG4: What day is it?

SMG3: The March 10th

by MarioLovesSpaghetti March 4, 2023
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March 10th is national come out of the closet to everyone tell them your really sexuality!
Person: today’s is March 10th
Person: oh well I guess I have to tell you I’m gay!
by Jazmin Sharma March 10, 2021
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