When you were about to do, say or think something and your wife puts an immediate stop to it.
Mike: "Honey, I'm gonna go fishing with the guys on sunday."
Wife: "We have church on sunday."
Bob: "Dude, you just got wifed."
by magicdd1 November 27, 2009
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To be 'wifed'. To be unable to participate in any form of bloke entertainment, due to hassles from one's wife.
'Sorry lads, I can't go to the football match. I'm wifed!'
by Assassin August 19, 2003
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when u cant hook up wit anyone else and nor could he/she (your boy or girl) without the other being upset therefore making you wifed
Anne: were not going out though
Jake:yeah but ya'll are wifed..so you pretty much are
by sweetie21 December 11, 2004
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The act of being used as someone's bitch, usually in the context of maximum security prisons.
Jail was so bad, the first day I was there I dropped the soap and was wifed by Bubba...4 times.
by Lamon Dehnke July 15, 2005
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To be literally or figuratively beaten, smashed, or destroyed.
"A guy wasn't looking when he crossed the tracks and got wifed by that train."

"The Chargers got wifed by the Patriots last Sunday."
by B. Boneezee January 30, 2008
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