1: That's not true.
2: WHS
by XxJJxX June 20, 2005
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he got home from vacation last night, so he got some bangin' whs. ;)
by 1587d_59 April 21, 2011
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Abbreviation of "What". Usually conveys more bemusement and seriousness than "What", "Waht", "Wut" and "Wat"
person: I ate 3 cupcakes and I am still hungry
other person: wh
by imgonnapopsometags February 4, 2014
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An unfinished "what?" or "why?" of confusion or astonishment, usually as in "what the fuck.."
"Actually i think i'll pick you up last, is that okay??"
"wh...okay i guess."
by Jira_chi September 30, 2015
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as in Wallhack

A first-person-shooter cheats which enables a player to see through walls
When someone frags you through a wall with a headshot he's probably wallhacking, WH
by Galatan February 16, 2004
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The stuttering when you do not know whether to ask "what" "why" "when" or used to ask a combination of the three.
Here, read this.
Wh- I don't- Wh???
Yeah, screwed up.
by BlueVamp201 April 12, 2019
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when someone says something weird, confuseing or shocking
"I got tickets to bla bla concert"
by winxmemix December 21, 2018
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