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Welcome home is said to military men and women who have returned to the United States typically after being involved in a military conflict. Tradition starting after the disappointing returns so many soldiers received after the Vietnam War. Lately it has been used for any person in the military.
When I found out that John's friend was a returning soldier from Afghanistan as well as the Iraq war I told him, "Welcome Home" and shook his hand heartily.
by Army Brat July 20, 2005
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Expression said to Burners arriving at Burning Man. Burning Man is an event over Labor Day weekend on a dry lake bed in northern Nevada. 47,000 people attended in 2007. If you attended and loved it, you are a Burner. The expression is intended to welcome a Burner back to the playa for another year of fun.
Said by the BM Greeters, "Welcome Home!"

Said to folks obviously just arriving at BM (driving in their overloaded vehicle) and looking for a camping spot, "Welcome Home!"

Said to a BM friend from a previous year, "Welcome Home! Where are you camped?"

by Michael's Couch October 10, 2007
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the feeling of having to take a huge shit after arriving home from a long trip
i took a glorious welcome home shit after that drive from florida.
by nunamaker April 4, 2015
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A statement made by Marcus Fenix when welcoming James home in Gears of War 4. It is a reference with tremendous symbolism and meaning. It is often quoted by the legendary owner of the legendary Nigel the Pig
*James opens door*
*Out of the Shadows a face appears*

Marcus Fenix: Welcome Home James.
by Daytony500fan March 7, 2017
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A Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins is when an individual runs out of toilet paper and instead of just going and getting some more decides to cut up a t-shirt and use that instead.
Person 1: Hey man how was taking that shit?

Person 2: I ran out of toilet paper and had to do a Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins.

Person 1: That's gross man, next time make sure you re not out of toilet paper
by OX Blood August 5, 2009
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