during sex just before ejaculation the male extracts his penis, flips the female over and "finishes her off" anally.

Commonly used by men who are "still in the cupboard" (i.e. are gay but haven't come out yet)
1. Girl 1 "my boyfriend keeps flipping me over :("
Girl 2 "he's probably gay"

2. During intercourse
Male (extracts penis) "ok flip over"
Female "but I don't want to"
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Similar to the 5 second rule, when reaching down to pick up an item of food that you dropped on the ground within the 5 second rule but fumble and flip the piece of food over onto the other side as to contaminate it more, regardless of the 5 second rule it is dubbed uneatable.
man 1: what happened to the last cookie?
man 2: i threw it out
man 1 : why?
man 2 because i was gonna eat it but dropped it on the floor then flipped it over trying to pick it back up.
man 1: gotta be careful, the flip over rule strikes again.
by that guy in the corner March 16, 2012
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A process by which a woman can try to get a man to speak his mind, using force or coercion if necessary. Much like a fry cook would flip a patty to grill the raw parts.
Girl 1: I still don't know whether I should go out with this guy I met on Bumble a while ago, he's nice but he seems a little shady and I can't tell what he wants from me.
Girl 2: You've been texting him innuendo for a month, it's time to flip him over.
Girl 1: What??
Girl 2: Just seems like he's in need of a flip. He's done on one side, played his flirtatious hand. It's time to either meet or move on don't you think??
by Vanderbabe July 25, 2017
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a female is to young to have pubic hair so you should do her in the ass.
If somebody says "if there is grass on the field play ball" but there is no grass on the field a response is "if not, then flip her over and play in the mud."
by R-DoggCA May 5, 2006
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Turning a woman over doggy style and fucking her up the ass.
I was fucking her pussy missionary style and then I decided to Flip her over and brown her..FOB
by DAVRAV July 26, 2006
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National Flip Over Day is the day where you have to flip over or you are cringe it starts at the 27th of December.
Some Guy: It’s National Flip Over Day
*everyone in the room flips over*
by Breakfast Man April 9, 2021
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