A person who possesses all the ideal qualities one is searching for. In terms of a stereotypical potential spouse, a person who is the whole package would have a beautiful face, a great body, intelligence, humor, kindness, confidence, financial stability, maturity, etc. A prospective employee who is the whole package would have breadth and depth of experience, constant creativity, initiative, great communication skills, assertive leadership, unimpeachable integrity, punctuality, and so forth.
"Wow. This new marketing director is the whole package. Everything about her is awesome."
by makerofwords March 16, 2013
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the second video game based on South Park animation series after stick of truth. in this game kids will be playing superheroes.
person 1: Dude another south park game will be out soon.
person2: what's the name?
person 1: fractured but whole.
person 2: dies of enthusiasm.
by the other Eric Cartman July 11, 2015
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An SI measurement used to determine various large quantities.
"How fast were you going over the speed limit?"
"A whole dickworth!"

"How much of a headass is HRM?"
"A whole dickworth"
by Toasty99 February 10, 2017
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