1. A quicker way to say "Who the fuck is that?" or "Who's there?"

2. A sound of surprise and/or confusion

(originated by Bam Margera's father, Phil Margera, upon seeing alligators in his kitchen)
Friend 1: "I was talking to Jason Crisp the other day."

Friend 2: "Who da?"
by Crackbaby July 12, 2004
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A word that means police amonst Hispanic gang memeber. Specifically west coast hispanic gang members.
by Samuel Vargas January 14, 2009
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The question yelled by a person who has just done something amazing. If anyone answers by yelling 'You da man!' then this person has succeeded at being awesome. However, if nobody answers then this person has failed.
"...I am never saying that again."
by LeggyBerg December 9, 2011
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Short-cutting "Who would have thought it" or "I cant believe it"
Person 1: "I got tickets to the concert"
Person 2: "Who da thunk it! You da man!"
by Fåtß0¥ June 26, 2005
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Who the hell. Commonly used when you don't know who or what someone is talking about.
Cara: um suh did you hear about Rico's new tattoo?

Brandy: um who da hewl .
by palmhouse August 7, 2010
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Who da man?

question asking who is the man
"hey guys guess what i bought from Ebay? The Bucky O'Hare DVD!!, Who Da Man???" "Wow!!,you da man!!"
by piemaster August 5, 2004
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a cool person,that can sometimes be weird.
keratin is a who-da-lolly
by Hoppy and Jelly November 16, 2007
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