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"suh" is short for "What's up?" and is used by really really really really stoned stoners that are too lazy and stoned to use whole sentences.
Dude 1: Suh dude?
Dude 2: Not much mang, just hidin' my kids and wives cause theire rapin' errbody out here.
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by Roburto DeSaucy June 25, 2016
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"Suh" literally means "sup" but they're too lazy to pronounce the "p" part. Usually stoners and Hipsters use the term.
Carl: duuude, haven't seen you in so long, suh?

Pete: nm duude, suh with you?
by Soupysocks October 04, 2016
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Meaning short for sister; My bitch, best friend, my turn up buddy etc.
Me and my suhs stay lit
by SlimJersey January 13, 2017
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Definition of wassup. Instead of saying wassup u can say โ€œSUHโ€ pronounce it as Sah. It is also the same as wassah. SUH Is a way to greet ur Best Friend.
SUH jake๏ผ
When you are walking towards yourfriend give them a โ€œSUHโ€
by Mt olo July 21, 2019
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1. The pronunciation of the word "sir" with a southern accent. (sr-uh)

2. A filler word for a universal female name such as "hon", "dear", etc. (sca-uh)
1. Sorry suh. I didn't know suh.

2. hey! a lot can happen in 14 minutes suhhhhh...
by mypantsareso April 01, 2007
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