Whiteboarding is a form of torture used during job interviews. The candidate is forced to code algorithms he will never use on the job on a whiteboard in front of other people, causing the candidate to experience the sensation of inadequacy.
Interviewer 1: Hey, this guy refused to hand over his social media passwords on the application form!
Interviewer 2: Don't worry, a few minutes of whiteboarding will loosen his tongue...
by npinkerton February 9, 2017
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The act of bringing a whiteboard along to public places to attract unneeded attention, best when used on Sunday Funday.

You can order drinks, communicate with people across the street, interrupt lunch dates, make people feel awkward... the possibilities are endless.
Hey dude, let's go whiteboarding today and chill on the patio in uptown with a few beers
by transientfoible April 19, 2011
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Yo, whiteboard- I am going to smack that bud light lime out of your hands.

You be trippin if you think your whiteboard ass is going to get some of this choc-o-lat!
by john bon bon jovi February 13, 2009
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The act of grabbing the sides of a mans penis and pulling to create a flat surface that you can write on.
#1:why's your dick red?
#2:I just got a Whiteboard.
by Grass Man of the Ocean January 6, 2012
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Using a woman as a whiteboard with erasable markers. Most often an expression of affection or noting particular talents that endear.
The wife looks good Whiteboarding "facial cum slut" after I unloaded on her face I just had to do some writing,you should see the pictures

3 hole certified, cum dump, facial cum slut, throated, facial angel, cum face

wife girl woman slut
by Whiteboarder January 7, 2012
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A saying to describe females as flat on both ends with little to no curves.
by presidentbreedinggrounds September 17, 2020
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