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the most vulnerable and exceptional expression that you will ever see on a persons face
Dude, she was the hottest girl that I have ever been with but man, her cum face was crazy. She looked like someone stuck a fire extiguisher up her butt and turned it on full blast.
by herbiewa July 25, 2004
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A girl's face that's so attractive and provocative looking, that it turns a man on and gives him an erection without even seeing the rest of her body. The face alone is sexually stimulating enough for a man to want to masturbate to/on it.
She has a cum face.
by arkark October 13, 2011
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Funny term to explain when one of your friends has their picture taken with a nice girl or when they are drunk. Can be used when the person looks like they have just ejaculated and looks stimulated.
Originates from a lads holiday this year.
Looking at pictures:

1. " Hey look at this picture of .........."
2. Yeah he's got a well bad cumface haha"

1: "Look at him dancing over there with that fit girl"
2. "Yeah he's got his cumface on"
by Beans57 October 22, 2006
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when a hot steamy load is apllied to a bitches face and she loves it
jenna has a sticky load on herr face and is loving it
by mikey February 18, 2005
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