Yo, whiteboard- I am going to smack that bud light lime out of your hands.

You be trippin if you think your whiteboard ass is going to get some of this choc-o-lat!
by john bon bon jovi February 13, 2009
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The act of grabbing the sides of a mans penis and pulling to create a flat surface that you can write on.
#1:why's your dick red?
#2:I just got a Whiteboard.
by Grass Man of the Ocean January 6, 2012
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A saying to describe females as flat on both ends with little to no curves.
by presidentbreedinggrounds September 17, 2020
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A woman covered in semen after a long night with many blokes.
"fuck that girl is a whiteboard"
"she almost looks like a whiteboard"
by ptr89 March 15, 2007
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Someone who grabbs a certain girl's boob without consent
"Stop whiteboardin its sexual harassment"
by pSeUdOnYmduhhhhh January 29, 2009
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Whiteboarding is a form of torture used during job interviews. The candidate is forced to code algorithms he will never use on the job on a whiteboard in front of other people, causing the candidate to experience the sensation of inadequacy.
Interviewer 1: Hey, this guy refused to hand over his social media passwords on the application form!
Interviewer 2: Don't worry, a few minutes of whiteboarding will loosen his tongue...
by npinkerton February 9, 2017
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Using a woman as a whiteboard with erasable markers. Most often an expression of affection or noting particular talents that endear.
The wife looks good Whiteboarding "facial cum slut" after I unloaded on her face I just had to do some writing,you should see the pictures

3 hole certified, cum dump, facial cum slut, throated, facial angel, cum face

wife girl woman slut
by Whiteboarder January 7, 2012
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