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the slang term for white people used by black people, the same black people that would get offended if a white person called them a nigger
black:yo wut up white boy!
white:yo wut up nigga!
black:wut the fuk did u call me..... ima beet yo ass
by chris June 30, 2004
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Derogotory term used by blacks to refer to caucasian peoples.If you call a black person "black boy", they say its racist but they refer to caucasian males as "white boy".
dem white boys like deer huntin an shit like dat.
by shadowace January 30, 2005
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Usally a term used bye a race other then white. Can be used in a derogatory manner, but not always. Sometimes it's just used to call out to a white person in a non derogatory way.
DEROGATORY: Sit down you fuckin white boy!

NON DEROGATORY: "Yo Slim! You know your my favorite white boy, right?"
by Rayman53 January 08, 2004
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White young males, typically known of European ancestry. The typical "white boy" has hair colors varying from Blonde, Brown, Black, Red and other shades. Eyes also range through many colors and multi-colored. Skin varies in light skin shading from ivory to olive, typical of Italian males.

by Casandra September 24, 2003
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A regular joint of marajuana. A rolled cigarette with marajuana tobacco instead of cigarette tobacco. Marajuana cigarette rolled in white cigarette paper (Top Paper) instead of tobacco the outer layer of tobacco.
I need a white boy to ease my stress.
by BinikiLove August 25, 2009
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