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a man who wants to win a playoff but cant take his crappy little team past the 1st round
Tracy McGrady could have won a playoff by now if he didnt stab his cousin in the back and stay with Toronto, they would be the hell good team
by B-Mount November 13, 2003
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a fine piece of ass that i wouldnt mind doin over and over and over again
i wanna fuck torrie wilson again
by B-Mount October 22, 2003
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The artist of probaly the greatest solo debut album ever, signed to shady records, somehow is starting to make eminem good, does a lot of work with him.
If eminem stopped writing songs for obie trice and put em on his own album he could actually be good one day
by B-Mount November 12, 2003
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something that has only been done by two NBA legends, Wilt Chamberlin fo Warriors, and Brady Mountford for Warriors.
Brady Mountford got 8659points 34 rebounds 45 assists and 35 blocks, what a performance, thats a quadriple double, warriors flogg the 76ers by 4789375457 points
by B-Mount November 12, 2003
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a basketball team wanting to be bball superstars but are nothin but wankstars
Gribbs:michael u sure are a bball wankstar
Michael:thanks, u r to
by B-Mount November 12, 2003
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