Just another person, like everyone else.
Hey look. It’s a white man. I’m going to let him go about his day.
by Logska March 24, 2022
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The White Man is a super hero who has the most powerful jizz in the world. His sperm count is so massive and full of power that if he gives even the slightest glance at a woman, they will become impregnated. His name cums from how much jizz he really has. He has so much jizz that he himself is walking around pale as a ghost due to his large jizz content.
Boy: "Hey did you hear Becky is pregnant?" Other boy: "Yeah I'm pretty sure that The White Man looked at her."
by SuperHeroWhiteMan April 14, 2013
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A male from European ancestry. Will often be found holding social, political, historical, and institutional domination. as evidenced by historical and contemporary sociopolitical structures such as the Atlantic slave trade, Jim Crow laws in the United States, and apartheid in South Africa.

They have been going around the world commuting inhumane genocides and continuing dehumanizing incidents, but is now holding on the fear of being replaced as a consequence of mass immigration. White supremacists commonly claim that they must take action, even violent action, or the “white race” will “perish from the Earth.”
“Where the white man walks, death soon follows.”

“White men don't steal wallets.They steal countries
by Lightchaser June 30, 2019
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the perfect scapegoat for everyones problems.
Person 1: I got a flat tire on the way to work today
Person 2: Blame the white man
Person 1: I know, he's always trying to keep me down like that.
by quiggler August 14, 2006
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Some White guy born in the 1800's who took away all the Indians' land.
The Indiams awoke one morning to discover all their land was taken away by The White Man.
by Public School Teacher December 14, 2003
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Apparently to blame for the troubles of everyone else. Expected to stand there and take abuse from everyone else because he deserves it for starting slavery and apparently everything else that's bad. Let's review some history here kiddies. Anglo-saxon whites are almost exclusively responsible for everthing that all the other whites get blamed for by minorites. Anglo-saxon whites and western europeans were the vast majority involved in slavery and colonization not to mention the Spanish(who seem to receive no hate for it...hmmm) and they have caused ignorant people to blame all white people for the things some did. There is another huge fucking chunk of the "white man" in europe that has been through its own private stuggles its own vicious slaveries, and we do not generalize the blame. Nor do we blame everyone for our own fucking problems. DEAL WITH IT.
A black guy in an all-white school becomes the local celebrity. A white man in an all black school becomes the local shooting range. Explain that. Check out the names of all the biggest "evil" politicians, they are mostly western-european.
My ancestors and those of many others had nothing to do with slavery, they don't control the government and oppress all minorities. They died in concentration camps and fighting communists. They live in poverty. They have balls they don't blame others for the past and for their own problems.
by genericstreetname December 18, 2005
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A man who is white.

To the liberal, a white man is useful for only one thing: Paying taxes to support everyone else.

To the liberal, a white man is the source of all racism, sexism, and religious trouble.
No white man with any sense would ever vote for a liberal. Liberals offer no entitlements for white men.
by Little Deby Big Boobs May 30, 2005
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