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A pretty shitty 'insult' if you can even call it that, because if you call someone a white boy, it is usually because they are white and are, indeed a boy. If you called a white girl it then it might be a little different.
Black dude-You know what you are a fucken' white boy!
White guy-uuh yeah, i know...
black guy-yeah uhmmmm...
by jonnytheboy May 24, 2006
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A turm used To demasulate a White man By inplying that other races of men are men and whites are boys!
Any White man who allows Him self to be called a white Boy by so called friends or associates is week and lacks self esteam and deserves exploitaion
by NLR718 June 03, 2006
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A racist way to refer a white male.
Damz thatz be the milkiest milk colored boy I'z eva seened. I-za gonna call him whiteboy.
by I forget October 14, 2004
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a person that is white, does not have to be a boy, usually a deragatory and rascist term
that white boy cant dance fo shit
by killa September 22, 2003
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durogitory term used to describe a white male.
check out dat cracka ass white boy foo.
by WhiteBoy February 22, 2004
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A word used by black people with intent to offend those of caucasian descent. To black people, this word embodies the equivalent severity of the word nigger. If a black person refers to a white person as a "white boy" however, society sees nothing wrong with this. If a white person refers to a black person as a nigger, society sees him as a racist. This unwritten rule probably exists because of the historical significance carried by the word nigger, but this is unfair nonetheless.
J-Dawg: Fuck you white boy!

Clarence: Fuck off nigger! Back of the bus!

J-Dawg: Yo imma cawl tha 5-0 on this muthafuckin craka's ass.
by alex1010 April 26, 2009
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