a place for parents to get rid of all there dumbass fortnite addicts
white van=free daycare
by afukenduck August 16, 2019
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the vehicle you will most commonly hear being described in cases of kidnappings and escaped pedophiles.
would you be surprised to see mr. rogers driving a white van?

i wouldn't.
by pollywolly April 11, 2006
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An obvious but false lead. White vans are usually associated with deviate activity so it is easy to point to a white van when something happens. For example, during the Washington DC sniper shootings, authorities were looking for a (DUH) white van when the culprits were in a Maroon Chevy Caprice
The white van they pulled over at midnight turned out to be a plumber on an emergency call. The real perps got away in their purple Scion.

I traced the person you told me stole my books but your lead was a ginormous white van.
by bback November 8, 2007
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no matter how old they are, the male driver of this van will always spend less time watching the road and more time eyeing up any member of the opposite sex. If you get two men at the front of the van, you are more than likely to have the non-driver wind down the window and make some laddish comment. Usually grown-up townies (see also). Also see: paedo, paedophile
"origh'?" said the 40-year-old man in his white van to the 14-year-old girl walking by.
by beckybunny June 15, 2004
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When an old ice cream man called Pedro pulls up to your house and says to you “come to my van I have candy”.
Look over there

There’s Pedro giving out candy to those kids from his white van
He’s so kind
by Drunkonsteppingstones69 April 21, 2019
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A van typically known for rapist to pick up little kids in.
Noah! Stay away from that white van!
by Cameron Philip July 31, 2016
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An apparatus used by sex offenders and pedophiles to swipe kids. Usually comes with the offer of free candy, free wifi, or a ride home.
Cosby: Yo, Kilo G be swipin' kids at the playground with his white van again.
Franken: Don't act like you the innocent one here Bill.
by Kamikazee49 March 8, 2018
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