"Man, I saw this girl take a huge facial in this porn, she had tons of white tears"
by Pewts August 11, 2015
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I think it could be a synonym for cum, stored in some kind of case, maybe a sock.
There's her hand now on the cock sock
Filled with white tears from the thrift store

from the song "Carolina" by Adam Green
by urmel aus dem bunker July 8, 2005
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1) It means semen, typically used by a cum whore or a cum slut.

2) An attempt to make fun of white people by those who don't know what the term actually means.
1) Monique loves when a guy puts his white tears on her face. She even has an "I love white tears" mug.

2) After receiving criticism for saying "white people should all die," Professor Rhimes said she loved all the "white tears" she was getting. Everyone started laughing and upon finding out the true meaning of the term, she left the classroom.
by BarnacleHead February 15, 2017
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A euphemism for semen, much like male tears and boy tears. Used by people who enjoy performing fellatio and receiving semen as payment, A.K.A. a cum whore.
Chelsea got a "white tears" tattoo so others would know she enjoys giving blowjobs .
by spootyhead November 17, 2016
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1. A description of the behavior of a white person playing the victim in a racial discussion.


2. Crying like a white girl to get your way.
1. You: Statistics show that black people use drugs at the same rate as whites, but are 10 times more likely to go to jail for it.
White person: Well, some homeless guy called me a cracker once, so it goes both ways. In fact, YOU are the racist for even bringing this up! *White tears*

2. I was going to fail my class since I hadn't turned in any work since October, but I cried some white tears to my professor and he let me pass.
by KittenPower November 4, 2013
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An euphemism for semen (see unicorn tears/male tears). Usually used by idiots who think they're making fun of white people (see reverse racism)
Self righteous cunt: And I yelled at that guy Sanders while wearing my "sipping on white tears" shirt.
Voice of reason: You know that means cum, right?
by Narushima August 9, 2015
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White tears are produced by white women to manipulate situations so that their issues are favored over others. Usually used when they are being called out on their poor behavior. White Tears are seen as weapons to marginalized groups. White Tears are also used to play the victim card.
Sara, a white girl, called the cops on Monica, a black girl, because Monica confronted Sara for stealing from her, and as soon as the cops pulled up, Sara began to cry. Also known as white tears.
by SaveUs September 1, 2022
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