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One of the many mistical figures that leads you into a hole of psychological discovery. Sometimes related to using psychedelic drugs like lsd, but also used in hypnosis and meditation to reach a desired destination (such as a different level of consciousness or location) The main verb attached to the white rabbit is to follow.
by tim March 20, 2004
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A person whose attendance at a social gathering guarantees your own attendance. This may be a crush, significant other, or close friend. Upon being told of their attendance, you immediately decide you will go.

Taken from the 1999 film "The Matrix" in which the main character is told by his computer to "follow the white rabbit" and shortly after accepts an invitation to go clubbing with his friends only after he sees that one of them has a white rabbit tattoo. This in itself is a reference to Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland".
Guy 1: Hey, you going to Jim's party tonight?
Guy 2: Nah man, I'm gonna stay in.
Guy 1: Aw, c'mon, everyone's going. Daniel, Tom, Tanya-
Guy 2: Well. . . yeah, ok, I'll go.
Guy 1: You totally only said that 'cause Tanya's going!
Guy 2: What can I say, dude? She's my white rabbit.
by Teenage dirtbag August 15, 2012
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Greatest song ever by Jefferson Airplane originally on the Surrealistic Pillow album.
Performed and written by Grace Slick who has to be the worlds best singer.
Awsome song to listen to when high, especially on acid!
-Dude did you listen to White Rabbit last night while trippin on acid?
-ya man, i saw the words and alice all over the walls!
by marty April 02, 2005
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A Chinese chewy candy coated in rice paper that melts in your mouth. Very yummy. ^_^
Angie gave me a bag of White Rabbits for my birthday!
Hey my brother stole me White Rabbit!
by Kiki April 08, 2005
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A reference to a broken person that gone through torture to get him/her there causing him/her to go through a spiralling vortex of insanity and madness.
The man smiled, as any old white rabbit would do.
via giphy
by JaydenWolf June 09, 2017
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Japanese candy usually milk flavored and covered in eddible rice paper; various flavours include: original (milk), lychee, coffee, chocolate, strawberry, and mango.
about 1" in length, covered in wax paper or foil-like paper with a layer of rice paper underneath that, i've only been able to find and buy on the west coast (HI)
by fish January 17, 2005
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