88 definitions by bubba

The rapper E-40 has many fo his own words and this is one of them:

a term meaning helicopter; chopper; Ghetto Bird
Lokk at them heliciznopters fly over
by bubba January 22, 2004
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the physical act of alternating penetrating open hands up another's rectum, usually done in hate. best depicted in the classis latino film "dos manos en su orto."
wow, did you see that judo chop
by bubba March 24, 2003
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Billy was jumpfrious when he recived his award
by bubba November 05, 2003
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really sick hybrid porn, especially that porn which involves not only dwarves, but shemale scatophile dwarves
I Hate You! You're Such A Grumble Porn-Star!
by bubba July 14, 2003
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Used by real men who know that a 3rd Generation Camaro doesn't weigh much more than a piece of shit Honda, but with a Big V8 in the Camaro, it will run over anything.
A 1984 Camaro Z-28 with a stock 305 motor, 0-60 MPH in 5.4 seconds
by bubba February 21, 2004
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Social lubricant particularly good for speeding entry into a chick's pants.
IF you want to bang that chick, I suggest you buy her a Jagermeister.
by bubba May 05, 2004
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