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Slang term ;Wrinkled old coffin dodger usualy found at the front of any given queue when you are already running late.
by fish May 17, 2003
Well, Bastardisation is a rterm given to the process of becomeing a bastard, or being a bastard, or even the term used to describe someone who has encountered the acts of a bastard.
That guy has just been through one hell of a bastardisation.
by fish May 24, 2004
Fish. It's simply a fish.
Fish! LOOK! Fish!
by fish February 26, 2004
adj.slang.USA. The finest of its kind.
The word originated from the shortening of Duesenburg which was the American built limousine of the 1920's & 1930's. The Duesenburg was then the finest vehicle of its kind that money could buy.
"When he fell over it was a duesy"
by fish January 6, 2005
A Java Robot which programmed by Marcelo Chong aka X-KAM-X. It born from east.
by fish August 13, 2003
the art in which a man sticks a dead rotting wombat in his ass as a ritual for a 6 year olds birthday party
"Let me just shulk myself while you blow out the candles"
by fish December 8, 2004
An alternative for "ness"
ie. Stupidness or gayness
Sliv you are such a stupid nurse
by fish March 21, 2003