a asian fruit very tasty, looks like a fuzzier red kiwi, flesh is chewy and white. kinda tastes like a mix between apple grape and milk. roughly 4-5 cm in diameter.
i got 2 pouunds of lychee from china town and a ate them with some pals during the super bowl.
by Redi March 3, 2007
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pronounced "lie-chee," a fruit often made into drinks for pussies
Neer drinks lychee green tea, because he is a pussy.
by Lycheeeeeeeeeeeeee October 11, 2010
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Lychee is the name of a really nice fun person. Sometimes they can be dry but they’re usually fun to hang out with and give great advice and listen to you when you need them. If you don’t have a lychee in your life, go find one right now!!!
I’m so lucky to have met lychee! She’s super nice and I love her so much 😩
by Lychee-2021 dc January 25, 2021
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the act in which you perform lesbianism intercourses beneath a lychee tree while your friends are starving to death
toni looks really calm, her and shelby must have been lycheeing.
by alltoowell December 4, 2021
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A variant on tea bagging. Before lowering his balls onto or into the mouth of the victim, the tea-bagger shaves his testicles and dips them in icy water. This gives his balls the feel and texture of 2 lychees, making the process of tea-bagging even more unpleasant.
George: "Dude you just got lychee'd!"
by Robot Sinatra April 20, 2009
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"Why do people have to be such lychees? Nobody wants to be a slimey bumhole!"
by GUTHRIE2015 March 27, 2019
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An Unknown Online Gamer By The Name Of "Lychees"
He Apparently Lives of Marshmallows, Cheese & Prune Juice
And He Apparently Identifies Himself As The Second Coming Of Sean Connery
Boris - "Hi Lychees"
by Fred Fredderson January 20, 2010
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