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A town in Westchester County New York. A diverse town, you probably should learn some Spanish if you come to live here. 5 malls within walking distance of each other, 5 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, one high school with about 2,500 students. The socioeconomic levels vary. The projects and Prospect park are within walking distance of each other. Yeah there are some snobs and guidos, but to all of you haters making fun of dubset, I dare you to walk down South Lexington street at night, and see if you still think it's all privileged white people. Anyway, this down is basically really boring, but compared to other towns in Westchester, it's heaven.

White Plains is also where Matisyahu and Tupac grew up, so it's pretty cool.
Person #1: Hey where do you live
Person #2: In Westchester
Person #1: Ew, like Scarsdale?
Person #2: Nah man, White Plains!
Person #1: Oh, ok then.
by Okey Dokey Artichoke(y) March 08, 2011

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