abbreviation for William Petersen Hottness Syndrome. The syndrome begins with not finding William Petersen (Gil Grissom on CSI) extremely HOTT at first sight, but as the symptoms progress the appreciation for the actor, his talent and his LOOKS deepens. After a while the infected person finds herself completely in LOVE with Da Man. There are 8 stages of WPHS. Syndrome is very frequent among female CSI fans of any age.
I'm in 8th stage of WPHS - if I ever saw Billy Petersen shirtless on CSI, I'd die.
by Adzix October 11, 2006
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i think it's a crackhead gc

related words: shaved ice, kunt, is, hot
ex 1.

like limit: this sounds dumb but what does wph stand for
corazón: lol apparently it's a crackhead gc
like limit: ohhhhh

ex 2.
like limit: this sounds dumb but what does wph stand for
anna: it depends on what it's being used for. where did you see it at?
like limit: hf twitter
by shaved ice addict January 20, 2019
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1. Warm pink hole. The female vagina.
2. Good looking women.
1. I'm fucking craving some wph
2. There's some good looking wph in this bar.
by Scott McW November 20, 2007
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