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Best town in Westchester. As a result of several unfortunate events in the early months of 2005, this town is known for being host to parties which are destined to be abruptly ended by the city police (particularly if this party is attended by one Brian Klasner). However, police tend to use illegal tactics to end these parties, so legal action is rarely taken.

This "small" town has recently been drastically upsized as a result of the newly constructed movie theatre/city center. This very diverse town gets along very well. With a very diverse population, this is an all-around great city.
1.) January, 2005 - Hotel party in Tarrytown, thrown by a WPHS student, ends with 12 "arrests". Rumors started by chief of police that the host used internet invitations. Meanwhile, the host does not even know how to properly use a computer. Takes police approximatly 6 days to find the host. Nothing is done.

2.) St. Patricks Day, 2005 - 23 WPHS students are caught at 10:23 AM at residence of a student, skipping class to drink green beer. When asked about the drinking, the students denyed it...too bad they decided to dye their beer green. For a few hours, it was believed that there would be no high school sports as a result of this party.
by B.Balls March 27, 2005

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