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ate her ass last night, found bugs on my dick
yoo this girl gave me some bad stds her name was lovelypeaches she gave me bugs
by wheremysuperkah00t May 11, 2020

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the exact reason why your uncle is crying in the other room.
hey uncle dick, i need a roblox girlfriend break up d any ideas? "not yet im gonna go to the other room".... hoof glad thats over. "whats wrong uncle dick?"
by wheremysuperkah00t May 21, 2019

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the most retarded school i have ever seen. literally everyone here fails or is on the verge of failing their classes. almost everyone here says and does the most stupidest shit as well

everyone here smells like complete fucking garbage. i am convinced no one here showers, or even puts on fucking deodorant or cologne and perfume.

almost everyone here either does drugs or drinks or both and people literally fuck in stairwells

almost no diversity, everyone here is either italian, albanian, or irish with a couple of portuguese and croatian people.
danny: hey, why do you fucking smell so bad?
jacob: because i go to westlake high school ny
by wheremysuperkah00t April 02, 2021

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some shit wasps use to call irish and mediterranean kids
maddelana: hi i'm italian
oran: hi im irish
chad: your both white niggers
by wheremysuperkah00t May 11, 2020

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